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Know how

Know how

IME has wide know-how inside their company as we develop and create solutions for our customers.
The following know-how we have onboard and can be helpful for your company as we are at your service:

1. Know-How about mooring systems for all kinds of Vessels and Tug boats
2. Know-How about about selecting the type mooring ropes
3. Know-How about creating connecting solutions with slings / anchor chains / chains & shackle's
4. Know-How about splicing mooring ropes and connecting them with thimbles / shackle's
5. Know-how about supplying complete vessels with the correct marine materials
6. Know-how about anchor systems 
7. Know-how about winch-lines and selecting & advising our clients
8. Know-how about transportations and logistics of the products including full updates (Track&Trace)

We would like to inform our custumers that we can prepare any kind of solution and at last that we are able to close our deal with service and knowledge.

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