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Our experience is our most important strength in the field in which we are operating.
We are wellknown educated by the years working with marine equipments by making them by hand.
Like splicing mooring ropes, supersplicing steelwire and welding chains and other metal marine parts.

As we have gone over the years, we divided our segments from mooring rope dealer and chain dealer into manufacturer
and designer / solving towing and mooring systems and creating solutions for our customers with tailor made

The most important issue's for our clients, is what we offer:

1. Direct contact with our managers and owners of IME
2. Creating new solutions with our own technical staff
3. Transportation possible, world wide
4. Arrange export documentation and in house logistics
5. Expertise of Chains and Mooring ropes
6. Full service and 24Hrs standby
7. Acting as an supplier and service partner
8. Most of the items we supply from stock, so short deliverytimes

Another important issue is and will be the contact with our clients !!! 
As a good communication will start doing the job, much more effectively.

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