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Dyneema Tails - Pendants

As long as we are active in the field of D12 Duplex & D12 Ropes with Dyneema® Tails - Pendants, we supply them in different kind of constructions. Each client has his own demands and specifications. We supply Pendants in D12 and in D12 Duplex ( 12 x 12 Strands ) with Dyneema ® in single leg and as well in a grommet style.

All our pendants are tailor made and created by our customers or by advise of IME.  We prepare , create and make all Pendants in our warehouse. The D12 & D12 Duplex Ropes with Dyneema®  are made in The Netherlands by Van Beelen Group BV

NEW, POWERFUL AND FLEXIBLE D12 DUPLEX braided D-Tails, Tails made of Rope with Dyneema®, are stronger than steel wire of same the dia meter. Our D12 DUPLEX -Tail is more flexible and abrasion resistance and more applied for forerunners in the towing sectors.
After testing in the towing markets we have seen that our new D12 DUPLEX with GREY special coating remains flexible and easy to repair.                   

Trials done by IME in the towing industry have shown that D12 DUPLEX, with Dyneema® and with Powercoat Grey finish, remains more flexible and easy to repair than the standard 12 strand types

Our powercoats which we use in the Towing sector are "Grey" coated, which marks us for our type of Dyneema.

We can create any length and any dimension of tail with the possibilty of different kind of Covers.

Covers of Nylon , Polyamide, Polyester with strands braided types or complete closed covers as our customers are demanding for.

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