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Ropes with Dyneema® are replacing steel wire in many varied applications and IME & Van Beelen Group BV as ever are at the forefront of the Dyneema® revolution.Chief among these new applications is wire rope replacement on winches. IME and Van Beelen Group BV are pioneering the use of Winch Lines with Dyneema® in the Tugboat / Towage market winching applications.The benefits of replacing steel wire with IME / Van Beelen Group BV winch lines with Dyneema® 

High strength: Weight for weight, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel
Light weight: Dyneema's light weight significantly improves the ease of handling winch ropes.
Floats: An obvious benefit when winching in water logged conditions or environments.
Unkinkable: Unlike steel wire, our product will not kink and loose strength.
No splinters: Handling steel wire often results in wire splinters - no such issues with our product
Overlapping: Steel wire will crush and loose strength if overlapped on a winch drum. Our product will not loose strength when overlapped or crushed
No recoil: In the unlikely event of our D12 & D12 Duplex with Dyneema® lines breaking there is virtually no recoil, unlike steel wire where recoil is extremely dangerous.