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D12 Duplex Roundslings, with Dyneema®

D12 Duplex with Dyneema® in Grommet Construction

This results in easy to install and easy to handle lines, that are used where efficient and safe work is required. Dyneema® floats on water.

The ropes have low stretch: after initial construction elongation, only 4% at break load.
D12 ropes with Dyneema® are becoming the new standard, and are widely used worldwide. In the Fisheries, Offshore, Shipping, and many industrial (lifting) applications.

D12 DUPLEX, with Dyneema® is more flexible and abrasion resistant construction. It is more and more applied as forerunners on tugboats. Trials done by IME in the towing industry have shown that D12 DUPLEX, with Dyneema® and with Powercoat Grey finish, remains more flexible and easy to repair than the standard 12 strand types