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Astra Line® / Bexco Line® Tails

Astra Line is a durable line with excellent elongation properties, together with high strength and abrasion resistance. 

The outstanding performance features of Astra Lines result from a specially composed yarn comprising two different fi bers: a Polyver fibre core which is carefully over twisted with high grade polyester fibers.

The Astra Line’s construction protects the rope from external and internal abrasion. During everyday use, the ropes will at certain points be in contact with frames, fairleads and other parts of the vessel. The polyester yarns provide resistance against such wear.

The Astra Line has high elastic elongation properties, making the rope well suited to the demands of moorings on the quay or between two vessels. The movement of the two vessels during towing is largely compensated by the elongation properties of the Astra Line.

Astra Line elongations at a given load factor, as a percentage of the minimum breaking force of the rope.


  • Produced with polyester fibres covering a polyolefin core
  • Superior abrasion and friction resistance
  • Much higher strength than traditional polyamide (nylon) and polyester ropes

These ropes are easily spliceable and conform to INTERTANKO and OCIMF guidelines for tanker moorings. 

Mooring tails


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