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blokken Mooring tails

Mooring tails

Mooring tail to provide shock/energy absorbing within the mooring system.

The Mooring Tails surpass the nylon tails in quality,the energy absorption is better, the rope remains elastic for a longer time and the rope does not lose a large portion of its dry MBL when it is wet.

As the strength is higher than that of nylon, a smaller diameter of rope can be used, providing better handling.

Made of polyester and polypropylene composite yarns or other combinations, the standard length produced is 11m Effective Working Length, with 2 protected eyes of 2,0m and 1,0m respectively or with thimble and masterlinks as showned by the pictures.

For further information and custom made ( client specification ) do contact us, so we can create your own mooring tail as your requirement!

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Mooring tails


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