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blokken Mooring ropes

Mooring ropes                

I.M.E. supplies and make mooring ropes in house on clients specifications with eyes or thimbles if requested. We have our own warehouse and tools plus experience for the use of mooring ropes on General Cargo Vessels, Tugboats and mooring systems. The material that a rope is made from is a major factor in the tasks it should be used for, different materials have certain characteristics that will make them ideal or unsuitable for a variety of applications found on a vessel.

Polypropylene & High Tensile Polypropylene

Polypropylene ropes float, which makes them ideal for safety uses, throwing lines, ropes on life rings and life buoys etc.

Cheap polypropylene rope can be difficult to handle as it can become stiff if left in the same position of a long period of time.

Floating ropes are very useful in some situations, however a rope on the surface is always a danger to the propeller, so particular care should be taken to avoid fouling the prop when using polypropylene.

D12 Ropes made with Dyneema®  

12 x 1 / 12 X 12 ( Duplex Dyneema)  strand braided D-Rope, rope made of Dyneema®, are stronger than steel wire of same the dia meter.
D-Rope are use much more easily and as a result, more safely than steel wire.
Our Dyneema® D-Ropes become for this reason more and more applied where rapidly and safe work important is.
D-Rope are this way light, (10 time barge then steel wire of same strength) that it floats in water.
Dyneema® yarns have a very low rack, only 4% at crack.
D-Rope are worldwide used in the fishery, offshore, shipping,
if and quadrant wires hoist and in fact everywhere where working can make more safely and easier.

Rope selection

In practice, you will probably have to inform us and say what the rope is required for and them we will recommend the correct material for the job, so in this case it is easy to ensure you are using the correct equipment. When it is harder is when you use a rope already on the vessel for an unusual task. Please check our downloads for specifications

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